Our motherland Bharat, which extends from Setukshetra to the Himalayas is a venerable abode of a rich culture. Our Sanatana Dharma (Eternal truth) is well preserved and perpetuated by the Vedas, Shadangas, Shad dharma, itihasa, eighteen puranas, their upapuranas, dramas and mahakavyas. These exist as the soul of the Bharateeyas.

The fact that these scriptures, which are responsible for embellishing our intellect and wisdom, have a unique splendor, is well known. Such a treasure of knowledge, which belongs to this holy land, has to be meticulously nurtured, protected and propagated, so that clarity of knowledge and execution of what is prescribed in the scriptures can be accomplished. Many academic institutions are committed to promulgate this task. Among them is the Sri Satya Narayan Sanskrit College, an institute of excellence, is well acclaimed.

It was started by the illustriuous ‘Mahapurusha’ Sri Satya Narayan Singh. This institute can boast of several extraordinary features. It is studded with celebrated academicians who have mastery over the various facets of this great language– Sahitya, Vyakaran and Jyotisha. Besides, the institute is responsible for bringing forth outstanding students who are making tremendous contribution in enriching the language.

Now the institute is over a century old and having been graced by the divine (Poojya) Paramacharya, is continuing its march forward. With its electrifying profile, it is no surprise that the institute attracts people from all over to learn Sanskrit and gain wisdom.

Sanskrit is a Divine incarnation. Let us all learn this language as an expression of our devotion to the Goddess of Learning and illuminate and enrich our Bharat.